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For all non-users or logged out users we never ever store any personal data!

We do not save any personal information about you when you are clicking on a Dipi tracking link, we are not able to match anything to you as a person. We never know who is clicking on our links! Our advertisers have the right to see on what website or app you have clicked on a link to their website, this only applies if you have performed an action (register or purchase) on their website.

When you click on any link from dipi.io we will put a small harmless cookie in your browser to track if you are performing any action on the advertisers website you clicked into, this way you are helping your favourite influencers and content creators to make money and continue to create awesome content for you!

We use different kinds of tracking techniques (cookies, cookieless tracking and cross device) and we never ever save any personal data about you as a visitor (except if you are logged in as a user at Dipi).

We use Cloudflare and Google Analytics to measure traffic, read more at Cloudflare and Google Analytics

We believe in privacy online and we cannot find you and we don't want to either!


When you register as a user we will need your personal information such as first name, last name, address, SSN (Personnummer in Sweden), bank information. On each login we will store your ip address. All sensitive information (SSN and bank information) will be strongly encrypted.

We need your personal and bank information for taxation and payout reasons. Your personal information will never be sold or shared to any third party ever without your consent. Your name, email and registered media channels may be shared with our brands. Your email and telephone number may be used for newsletters, marketing and notification purposes. Your email address will be registered in our transactional email system (Sparkpost). You will not be able to opt-out from mail notifications or important news. Your telephone number will not be shared to any third party without your consent.

We use your account data to help you match better with our brands. This information is mainly used by our system for matching and in our own marketing but can be shared with our brands.

If you cancel your account we will delete your personal, contact and bank information after 14 days. Your information will be stored in our backups up to 30 days after your account is deleted. In the case you have received a payout from us, we need to store your personal, contact and payout information for taxation reasons and our marketing team will not have access to your information.

In the case where we shut down your account for breach of contract we will keep all your registered information during our investigation.

Your password will be one way encrypted and we are not able to ever see it or recover it if you forget it. In the case you forget your password you can easily reset it here.

We use Cloudflare and Google Analytics to measure traffic, read more at Cloudflare and Google Analytics.

Your personal data will only be shared with relevant authorities upon request.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

1. Account

In order to become a member you must be at least 18 years old or have your parents/guardians permission. If you are under 18 years of age, your guardian must be the receiver of all payments from Dipi. All personal information registered at Dipi must be correct, and accounts with wrong and/or incomplete personal information might be closed down without payments. all personal information is protected according to PUL (Personuppgiftslagen/Personal Information Protection Law). Your account might be used for marketing purposes. As a profile, it is your responsibility to keep your account and login-info safe, and were you to discover that they are not, Dipi should be contacted immediately.

You have the right to see and change your registered information, and after contacting Dipi you might get your account deactivated, if you wish so.

2. Earnings and payout

Brands at Dipi have the right to change their fee to profiles, at any time. At payout to private individuals nationally registered in Sweden, a lump sum deduction for general payroll tax and income tax will be drawn from the earned amount. We might choose to utilize invoicing possibilities for private individuals and these fees will then be drawn from the payout, including taxes and social fees. Profiles does not have the right to vacation pay or sickness compensation. Companies with F-tax card will invoice the earned sum including sales tax. Dipi cannot be held responsible if a brand were to refuse payment to Dipi, default payment of fees lead to nonpayment to profile. In the case of inadequate records of payment, Dipi and our brands have the right to refuse disbursement. Earned fees are owned by Dipi until they are disbursed, erroneously made disbursements are owned by Dipi and must be repayed. In order for Dipi to be able to pay earned fees, correct personal information and bank account information must be registered. Payment of fees are made to bank accounts, bankgiro or plusgiro. Incorrect contact/payment info might lead to incorrect payout and Dipi cannot be held responsible in the case of an incorrect payment. Any charges for transfers are paid by the recipient.

Correctly created disbursement is made approximately the 25:th day of each month.

3. Forbidden

The following is not allowed at Dipi:

  • Click for yourself or urge visitors to click on paying click campaign links.
  • Lure people to click on links.
  • Publish ad links on websites with illegal or offensive content, including pornography or violence.
  • Hack or change information at Dipi, this might lead to a police report.
  • Generate false leads or sales in order to increase payment sum.
  • Manipulate the system and create fake clicks/leads/sales via software, script, frames, iframes etc. This is fraud and leads to an immediate close-down of the account.
  • Post links or do collaborations on other channels than you have registered unless the brand approves of it.

4. Responsibility

Dipi offers our service in its’ present condition. In the case of an error, Dipi, Dipis employees or Dipis brands cannot be held responsible. Dipi and Dipi’s brands/partners do not take responsibility for/compensate for lost data or income that might be caused in the eventuality of an error.

5. Force Majeure

Dipi does not bear responsibility if the company or its partners are prevented from doing their tasks due to events outside the company’s control, for example during work dispute, technical problems, fire, authority regulations, war or if the company is subjected to criminal activity that affects our work.

6. Other

Dipi has the right to close down an account if we suspect breach of contract. If we suspect fraud or other crimes, Dipi has the right to hand personal information to the concerned authority. It is the profiles responsibility to make sure to follow the marketing law of the country he/she is residing in. Dipi has the right at any time change/update these terms and conditions, and it is the profiles responsibility to keep updated about the changes. Brands decide what they consider to be relevant traffic and what to pay for, other traffic and compensations may get deleted. You must read and follow the terms the brand is posting for the collaboration.