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dipi makes

influencer marketing profitable.

What we do for you


We provide the most accurate and transparent tracking system.

Voucher sites

We don't keep a share of each coupon used! It's included.

Cashback sites

We don't take a percentage for the sales! It's included.


Track your third party campaigns (Facebook, Google etc).

Payouts & Tax Reporting

Let us do the payouts and tax reporting to your profiles.

Dipi Spotter

Find and filter your new profiles through #hashtags.

SMS & Mail sendouts

Send newsletters and text messages.


Sign binding digital contracts with your profiles.

Manage Relations

Operates as your digital marketing CRM

Now with live chat.


Maneuver your online campaigns in one place. From budget to outcome.

Deep Insights

Measure and overview all collaborations in real time and increase ROI.

Branded Links

All links point to your domain name of choice for increased SEO.

See it for yourself

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Our unique platform

The commissions are between you and the profile, we don't cut in. We don't charge for affiliate or fixed priced campaigns.

Work with your favourite influencers, voucher sites, cashback sites and everyone else. All in the same account.


Dipi is the only influencer / publisher specific platform that makes it simple for brands and profiles to connect and work at scale from either our web-based platform or our mobile app.

Matching & Connecting

With a massive database of conversion data we go deeper than the traditional metrics such as reach and engagement when matching and connecting brands to collaborators that really drive business results.


Our proprietary system sheds light on to the opaque nature of ‘digital marketing reporting’ by giving our partners a new level of transparency into their customers’ journey.

Reporting & Statistics

All our clients have access to our leading reporting and order attribution system which will provide revenue and traffic statistics as well as a deep view into the entire customer journey on all your paid marketing efforts.

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Fixed & simple pricing

Our service is offered with a fixed monthly or yearly fee.

We do not charge any commission for the transactions between you and the profile.

Reach out and book a demo

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