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Sell more with influencers

Let influencers who know your target audience sell your products with compensations like affiliate, product, fixed price and discount codes.

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Make creative campaigns with

Multiple compensation models

Be creative with your campaigns and collaborations. You can combine different types of compensation models in the same campaign and you always get complete insight of the customer journey.

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It is not enough to count likes

When you want to know how sales are doing

Dipi is developed to handle large amounts of data with a clear presentation. Generate reports with the data you, the board, project manager or marketing strategist need. Customize the report by date, campaign, collaboration, discount code and see key parameters such as conversion, engagement rate, ROI, cost, and click.

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Existing and new collaborations

If you have worked with influencers before, you can easily transfer them with their historical data such as Conversion Rate, ROI and Click. You keep in touch with everyone or some of your influencers with branded emails, live chat and through mass text messaging (SMS). You can also work with external mailing lists for newsletter mailings.

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Let the influencers who know your target audience best, be your sales team.


Do you sell the trendiest products? Let your profiles choose products as a replacement.

Fixed price

When you have specific campaign goals, fixed price is perfect! You easily set goals and frameworks for how your campaign will be carried out by the influencer.

Voucher code

Let the influencer shop in your store with a voucher. All sales and clicks associated with the campaign are tracked.

Discount code

Do you work with discount code sites? With Dipis tracking, the person who initiated the purchase receives correct compensation.


Do you use Facebook Ads and Google AdSense? Use Dipi links for independent real-time performance reporting.

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